School and testing review

A thorough review of all available school and testing records.

Course selection advice

Our most qualified advice on selecting courses available to your son or daughter.

Recommendations on extracurricular involvement and summer activities

A full, hands-on explanation and thorough recommendations on extracurricular involvement and summer activities.


Design a plan for SAT, ACT testing and possible prep options

ACT, SAT, Subject Tests…we break down which tests to take, when to take them, and we work with you to determine which scores to submit.

In depth interview on college preferences of both student and parent

The process of determining criteria that will be considered when choosing colleges that are a “good fit” is key to developing a solid working list.  We take all of the information gathered from the student and parents, along with the student’s transcript and test score to develop a list of colleges uniquely suited to the student.  Colleges are separated into target, likely, and reach categories. 

Administer "career interest and personal styles" inventory to student for career and school planning purposes

Before creating a list of colleges, we administer an interest inventory with broad focus on interests related to potential areas of study.  This is one data point that is considered in concert with the student’s academic profile and personal preferences.


Prepare a selected list of colleges uniquely suited to the student

Based on all the information we have gathered, we prepare a list of schools divided into Safety, Target and Reach categories for each student.

Action plan with organizational timeline, including early decision, early action and regular decision strategies

As part of our Comprehensive package, we provide each student a well organized binder with important dates, action steps and information regarding each step of the college application process.

Provide training for interviews

Smaller colleges often require on-campus interviews or meetings with regional representatives and we provide training for those encounters.


Assist with college applications, essay brainstorming, activities resume and supplements

We begin the essay process early in the summer before senior year with the objective of having a completed essay prior to retuning to school in the fall. We identify supplemental essays required, and work with the student to prepare a complete activities resume. We proofread applications before they are submitted.

Review school visits with family/student

We like to hear from students after their school visits to see how things are going and if we need to make any changes to the list based on those experiences.

Meet with family/student when new data is presented (grades, test scores) and adjust school list as needed

Our goal is to have an “apply to” list of colleges by late August/early September


Phone/email consultations with parents and/or student, as needed

We are here for you throughout every step of the process.

Assist with final school selection

Once all decisions are in hand, usually in early April, we meet to review all options and help to make a final choice.

Provide a nurturing and positive system of support throughout this process

We feel strongly that the excitement of this process should outweigh the stress. Having an organized plan created by specialists who understand you as well as the colleges makes a world of difference!


(We also offer a "partial" college counseling package as well as hourly sessions for essay brainstorming and editing, interview preparation, activities resume and application review)

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