We had the great pleasure of working with John Gray to place both of our children in high schools. John was always a gentleman, an excellent listener and both positive and realistic. His calm and reassuring way with students and their parents is such a gift. Finding schools that were a good fit for our children was John’s goal, and his knowledge of the schools was first rate. John was always accessible, and he prepared our children well for their interviews. We couldn’t have been more pleased with the results!
Nancy was super organized with the entire college counseling process for my daughter. She knew all about the schools, their programs and what it takes to get into them. Nancy has a wonderful sense of humor and interacts well with teenagers. My daughter looked forward to all of their meetings and didn’t consider any of this a chore! We are thrilled with the process and the outcome......thanks a ton Nancy.
Nancy, I am extremely impressed with your knowledge of the various colleges/universities and their programs. The end result was a perfect match for my son.
John Gray guided us through getting all three of our children into secondary school. Each time he patiently went through an overview of the process, explaining what the schools were looking for and how our children fit into the big picture. Then he helped us explore their options based on their personalities, grades and extracurricular interests. He also explained to the kids what they needed to do to take ownership of the process. Overall, John was incredibly thorough and helped to manage our expectations during what could have been a stressful process. In all three cases, we were thrilled with the results. John’s expertise and his reputation among the schools is unequaled!
Working with Nancy allowed us to have harmony in our family during what is often a very stressful time. She kept our son accountable, and she did it in a kind and nurturing way.
Identifying secondary schools that would be the “right fit” for our son seemed daunting to us as parents. There were many, many options, and it became difficult trying to narrow the choices to just a few. At our first meeting with John it became clear that he had already taken the time to get to know our son as a student, as an athlete and member of the school community. Combining what he knew about Wit and his in depth knowledge of the secondary school market place allowed us to quickly narrow the field. He was immensely helpful throughout the application process and thanks to him, what we thought was going to be an arduous task became an enjoyable learning experience for all of us.
We feel John Gray is the best placement counselor in the region. We have witnessed first-hand John’s sound judgment, warm demeanor, listening skills, inclusive style, and most importantly, his excellent relations with schools. He successfully counseled my wife and me with respect to each of our four children. Each had different needs and wants, from private setting test taking to SAT tutor arrangements and college application assistance; John organized our family early-on, set timelines for deadlines and all action items in between. By the end of each process, it was easy to see why admissions directors in the region take such stock in John’s experience and wisdom.
Nancy was wonderful at drawing the best out of our daughter in preparing the application essays. She provided extraordinary guidance while not taking on any of the ownership of the product.
We had the good fortune of working closely with John Gray for our son Scott’s high school placement at Middlesex. Scott was accepted at all of his top secondary school choices, so we knew we could trust John with the college search process as well. John has a wonderful rapport with teenagers and we were thrilled that he was willing to meet Scott at Middlesex during his free periods and on weekends to work on college applications. John’s knowledge of schools is strong and his understanding of our son and his educational needs was right on target. Once again, Scott was thrilled with acceptances at all of his top colleges!
We were so fortunate to work with John in the application process to secondary schools. From start to finish, all facets of John’s work, from his superior counseling skills to his keen insight into secondary schools, were the best that we could ask for. He spent so much time to get to know our son well, which was important to us in achieving our goals. John was available and flexible in his schedule, always going the extra mile. He took the time to be involved and to listen, providing sound guidance at any time we had questions or needed direction. John always had a wealth of information and experience to draw upon in adeptly handling any issue. His nurturing and motivating style is also a plus.
I came to Nancy with no idea how to approach the college essay. I left my brainstorming session with three GREAT ideas and solid direction.
Also, John’s expertise with secondary schools is unmatched. He knows the schools intimately and as a result, we could always depend on John’s wise and accurate counsel. John was praised time and again by officials at secondary schools during our interviews. John’s skills, attributes and reputation were invaluable to us during the process. We could not have been happier with the results.
John’s caring, compassion and knowledge were of enormous help in guiding our daughter and us through the college application process. The availability and patience of John helped us at those anxious times when we were feeling helpless and discouraged. The outcome was terrific and John played an important role in this. Thanks John.

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