Step 1: School History Review

Initial visit:

During this meeting we review your child’s school grades, teacher comments, and any standardized testing in or outside of school (if available), as well as any extra-curricular interests and abilities. We will ask many probing questions about learning styles and personality, and we will listen carefully to your answers to better understand the hopes and expectations that you have for your son or daughter. During this meeting we will outline our services and fee structure.


Step 2: Meet with the Student

Student Meeting:

During this session, we will listen to your child describe their academic strengths, weaknesses, and interests both in and outside of school. We use this time to really understand your child’s scholastic profile and personality, further enabling us to make a list of appropriate schools to explore. We like to have your child feel as though he or she is part of the school search process, involved and invested as we proceed.


Step 3: Create a List of Schools

Creating a List of Appropriate Schools:

Our next step will be to create a tentative list of schools to begin exploring that match your child’s abilities and interests. Often our lists are grouped into reach, target and safer schools in the beginning and then "tinkered" with when new information such as ISEE/SSAT test scores, fall grades and school visits occur.


Step 4: Develop a Timeline

Developing a Timeline:

Once a school list is created, a timeline of "action steps" is designed so that families know when to schedule appointments, plan for test prep, take the exam, complete applications and meet all deadlines.


Step 5: Interview Preparation

Preparing for an Interview:

You only have one chance to make a first impression, and we can help you and your child maximize interview time at the schools you will be visiting. We have developed a unique set of exercises, which will allow your child to express himself or herself smoothly, clearly and without the anxiety that can often accompany this piece of the process.


Step 6: Application Assistance

Application Assistance:

Applying to schools requires orchestration. Forms will need to be completed by you (the parents), by your child and by teachers/administrators in your son or daughter’s school. JGEC will help you navigate the timing and strategy for the completion of these items and any extra-curricular recommendations as well. We also will assist your child with the creation of thoughtful and insightful application essays. This is a critical piece of the process for college applicants and one that can often cause stress at home. JGEC can help you and your student traverse this part of the process productively, wisely, in a timely fashion and without the tension often associated with this phase of applying.


Step 7: List Refinement

Refining your List

We will meet again when new data points arrive to see if our list still fits the needs of your son or daughter. This is an important step often missed by other consultants. At this point, you have “gut feelings” about school visits, and your child has new school grades and admission test scores to examine. All of these can change a school list slightly, so we “tinker” if needed with our original list as we proceed.


Step 8: School Advocacy

School Advocacy

Trust is developed over many years of successful placements. We will be in touch with the admissions personnel in the schools on your list throughout the application process on behalf of your son or daughter. In the “school business” reputations and trust are earned. Schools don’t accept students because of a phone call or a letter; rather, they know that when we call, it is highly likely that we have a student that fits their academic, social and extra-curricular profile and is poised to meet with success and contribute to their new school if accepted.


Step 9: Decision Assistance

Decision Assistance

Once decisions from schools have been made, the need for further consulting is often needed. JGEC can help you strategize potential waitlist decisions, navigate revisits and help you narrow your choices to focus on the best school match.


Step 10: The Promise of a Partnership

The promise of a Partnership

You will be treated professionally and with respect when you partner with JGEC. Your calls and emails will be returned promptly, and you and your son or daughter will feel the strength and comfort of our partnership. We also are known for our flexibility. Weekend hours and “house calls” are very much alive in our line of work and an important part of our philosophy. We build our working hours around school and other extra-curricular activities that involve your son or daughter.

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