John Gray Educational Consulting is an official site for the administration of the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) as well as the Secondary School Admissions Test (SSAT). Our testing atmosphere is small, professional and intimate. Each student has their own desk with an executive leather chair in our well lit, climate controlled testing room.

Testing Environment

We only test a few students at a time and the test results count the same as if your child were taking the test in a room with over a hundred students! We have flexible testing hours (often on weekends) so that your son or daughter will not need to miss school or other important commitments to take the test.

Further Testing

If other diagnostic testing is needed such as academic assessments, IQ’s or neuropsychological testing, we have referral sources and will work closely with you to gather the information needed to move forward productively with a school search process.


We also have many connections with tutoring and test prep programs in the area, and we would be happy to make recommendations.


Please contact us for fees and times

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